Story of Hector sword guards


Marcus cursed as he stumbled to his feet, using the flashlight on his gun to reveal the source of his fall. It was a corpse; to be precise, it was a pile of corpse-shaped parts. The organic flesh had long since decayed and disappeared; what remained were the titanium alloy skeleton and mechanical parts. More corpses lay scattered in the same direction.


"It looks like they all died here in the end," Marcus said despairingly to the Hector knight beside him. "It's our turn next."


"Don't give up, soldier, we still have a chance."Lusia's...

Story of Elisa Ice

Fusion Sparks is an international company from the old continent. Their main products are their eponymous soda and a variety of fast food. FS's successful lobbying and bribery have enabled it to obtain royal charters in various kingdoms on the old continent, which has allowed it to bypass the local beverage and food guilds. Now it is taking the same approach to the markets in the new colonies.

FS's success also depends on its promotion of an old civilization festival called "Easter," associating the festival with the company's salesgirl: Food Bunny. Whenever Easter comes around, Food Bunny...

Story of Julie Igenna


Julie is the head of the newly established intelligence department of the HOC company. According to the available data, she was born to a noble family of the Tyre Kingdom on the old continent and once served at the Royal Staff College. After Takeshi defeated former CEO Magnus and seized control of the HOC company, he formed an intelligence department, loyal only to him. The office was initially tasked with helping Takeshi purge employees loyal to Magnus, but it later became notorious for its involvement in the assassination of high-ranking figures in the Magnus camp.


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Story of Esther Agla

Esther is regarded as a deity by local tribes. No one knows her origin, though there is speculation that she is a member of the Legion during the Age of Knights, and some believe she is a Seirei of the old civilization. Esther often appears on battlefields between different factions, flying in the sky and attacking the enemy with a deadly weapon. Esther uses a mysterious weapon that fires with no trace of ammunition or energy beam. Those on the ground hear an unbearable screech of supersonic air and see the objects it hits disintegrate. Although the...