Story of Sadashi Krieg

As her older sister, Sadashi is Kayako's closest companion. Since the death of their mother, Sadashi is the rebellious Kayako’s only trusted family member. Sometimes, Sadashi acts more like a parent, always worried about her sister's safety. In the days when Kayako was in the gang, she participated in more and more violent fights against other gangs, and often returned home with injuries. Sadashi started stalking her secretly, in case Kayako endangered herself. Two years ago, her fear came true: In a deadly conflict, Sadashi was hit in the head, while protecting her sister. Kayako fared no...

Story of Kayako Krieg


Kayako Krieg

Kayako Krieg and Sadashi Krieg are twin sisters. Their father, Dr. Hans Krieg, was once a colleague of Count Bavorové ze Strakonic, and they jointly engaged in cyberbrain research. After the revolution overthrew the kingdom of Eridu, Hans took his family and fled to the new colony. With the top secret research results he carried, Hans became the chief scientist of the Eden Foundation (EF) and was given a huge amount of resources to put his research into practical use.

Kayako is the younger of the twins by a few minutes. Their mother died...

Story of Yuki Yamazuki


Yuki Yamazuki

The inhabitants from the old civilization are not all extinct, even two centuries after the fall. A few people managed to escape the catastrophe caused by the AIs, relying on immortality technology to continue living in the New World. They still retain the memories of that glorious era, and hold onto its lost knowledge and secrets. People in the New World call them Seireis (living ghosts). Some live in seclusion beyond the boundaries of the New World, while others hide their true identities and try to blend in with the people of the New...

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