Story of Elisa Ice

Fusion Sparks is an international company from the old continent. Their main products are their eponymous soda and a variety of fast food. FS's successful lobbying and bribery have enabled it to obtain royal charters in various kingdoms on the old continent, which has allowed it to bypass the local beverage and food guilds. Now it is taking the same approach to the markets in the new colonies.

FS's success also depends on its promotion of an old civilization festival called "Easter," associating the festival with the company's salesgirl: Food Bunny. Whenever Easter comes around, Food Bunny wears a sexy uniform on electric roller skates, carrying food and toys, and giving them to children. With the promotion stories of fairy tales written by FS, Easter has quickly become the most anticipated day of the year for children.

The Food and Beverage Industry Guilds in the new colonies see FS's various overt and covert expansion tactics as a major threat to their own interests. They also lobby all the lords and authorities around to prevent FS from bypassing the guilds to get the privilege of selling locally. Some guilds even employ local gang members to crack down on FS sales activities.

Elisa Ice won the position of “Food Bunny” for the new colonies branch of FS Company after several rounds of selection. Her beautiful and energetic image quickly gained a lot of popularity, with the help of the company's publicity, and she became a household name. Her posters can be seen everywhere on the streets. This exhibitionist role makes her comfortable putting herself in the spotlight in sexy uniforms, which adhere to the company's eye-catching marketing strategy. However, the big tree attracts the wind, and Elisa's hot publicity has also made her a target for those who are dissatisfied with FS Company. Thus, the company has equipped her with a stun pistol to deal with any troublemakers.

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