Story of Julie Igenna


Julie is the head of the newly established intelligence department of the HOC company. According to the available data, she was born to a noble family of the Tyre Kingdom on the old continent and once served at the Royal Staff College. After Takeshi defeated former CEO Magnus and seized control of the HOC company, he formed an intelligence department, loyal only to him. The office was initially tasked with helping Takeshi purge employees loyal to Magnus, but it later became notorious for its involvement in the assassination of high-ranking figures in the Magnus camp.

Julie, as an outsider from the old continent, is considered unfamiliar with the struggles of the factions in the new colonies. Takeshi hired her more for the diplomatic need to negotiate with the powers of the old continent. Julie has a lot of network resources there; her beauty and aristocratic temperament make her very effective in the social field. Unlike intelligence agents who usually hide behind the scenes, Julie's frequent public appearances make her seem like a public figure. She prides herself on being an amateur intelligence officer, who appears to care more about fame and pleasure.

However, a lot of information shows that Julie's abilities are not just her socialite aspect. She has personally assisted HOC in exploring and excavating the ruins of old civilizations on many occasions. These areas, filled with deadly knights of wilderness, were previously off limits to humans. Any attempt to enter would be tantamount to suicide. The recent success of explorations she has led proves that Julie has an extraordinary understanding of ruins and AI enemies.

Julie, as a civilian, wears special equipment for exploration operations. Her tights are equipped with a variety of detection devices that enable her to detect potential threats and master complex environments. She also attaches three mechanical arms to her back. The mechanical arms, which seem to be disproportionate to her body, use advanced old civilization transformation materials and can change their shape at will, with almost no weight. In addition to various scanning and analysis equipment, each robotic arm also has a holographic projection function, which can restore the collected information to the scene in a three-dimensional manner.



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