Story of Esther Agla

Esther is regarded as a deity by local tribes. No one knows her origin, though there is speculation that she is a member of the Legion during the Age of Knights, and some believe she is a Seirei of the old civilization. Esther often appears on battlefields between different factions, flying in the sky and attacking the enemy with a deadly weapon. Esther uses a mysterious weapon that fires with no trace of ammunition or energy beam. Those on the ground hear an unbearable screech of supersonic air and see the objects it hits disintegrate. Although the damage by her weapon alone is limited, the shrieks of her attacks greatly amplify its effects and deal a major blow to opponents’ morale. Esther's flying device is a pair of wing-shaped ion thrusters, which use electromagnetic force to accelerate the movement of ions around the wings. There are no complicated mechanical devices, such as rotating blades, allowing the wings to easily change their direction of thrust, making her flight trajectory difficult to predict. The micro fusion reactor inside her cyborg body powers the thrusters, allowing her to stay in the air indefinitely. These extraordinary abilities lead many local tribes to worship her as a goddess. She is like an angel of death, who can come from the sky at any time, causing her enemies on the ground to flee in fear.

Esther doesn't seem to care who she is loyal to: any faction may get her help on the battlefield, as long as the conditions for summoning her are met: namely, a grand sex carnival. People are expected to mate in sexy costumes during the ceremony, and Esther will show up among the people, to have sex with them. Her cyborg body is not only designed for combat: its exaggerated feminine features and curves are used to provoke the extremes of desire. The carnival often lasts an entire day, and depending on the perfection of the ritual, Esther decides whether to help the host. The local tribes themselves also have a tradition of sex sacrifices. Esther’s ritual is not much different to them. However, the churches of the colonial states hate her, for this very reason. In addition to verbal condemnation, whenever such a ceremony is held to summon Esther, the church sends priests to intervene. Some hosts take the opportunity to extort money from the church, in exchange for canceling the event.

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