UK VAT rate explains

UK VAT rate: we have got our VAT number, and the rate is applied to all of our products in the online store now. The orders placed before 25/02/2021 won't be affected by this. There will be a 24.98% flat rate added to any order from the UK from now on unless the value of the order is above £135. There should be no further charges when you receiving the products through Customs.
"Merchants who sell into the United Kingdom are now required to register for VAT if their orders are valued at £135 or less (as of January 1, 2021 as part of Brexit). Shopify will automatically detect this threshold and calculate taxes appropriately. The threshold is based on the order’s total before taxes are calculated. If the merchant has taxes included in their product price On orders over £135, no taxes will be charged."
I think the best way to buy is that make your order above £135, so there will be zero charges. Maybe find other people from the UK to buy together, or purchase a number of releases together.
The attached pictures are example below and above £135 orders

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